Prepreg / Interior Monument


YOKOHAMA has tremendous capability and facilities for in-house Prepreg manufacturing. We produce a range of glass, carbon, and aramid prepreg in fabric, unidirectional and roving forms. We employ a range of matrix resins, including epoxy, phenolic, bismaleimide, and polymide. Epoxy prepreg qualified to the applicable Boeing specifications BMS 8-79, BMS8-151, BMS8-168 and BMS8-219, BMS8-260 is available.

We are also capable of developing customized material to meet your requirements.

Interior Monument

YOKOHAMA is a supplier of Boeing 747-8 staircase module. We meet the strict requirements of the Boeing Company for a distinctive, premium product without sacrificing durability or adding weight. YOKOHAMA is capable of developing customized interior monument to meet your needs.

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