Initiatives in the Value Chain

Relationship between our business and SDGs

Yokohama Rubber has confirmed the current state of initiatives through its business in consideration of the objectives of sustainable development goals (SDGs), and analyzed which target areas initiatives should be strengthened in going forward. Based on this analysis, Yokohama Rubber will endeavor to review its priority issues going forward.

Relationship between efforts through the value chain and SDGs

  1. Systematic monitoring and protection of rubber trees, plantations, and the ecological system at the stage of raw materials use
  2. Education on agroforestry farming, etc. for rubber farmers at the procurement stage
  3. Income support through employment for processors and local companies in developing countries
  4. Resource conservation and the development of new materials through LCA analysis on natural resources
  5. Indirect contributions to agriculture through the sale of tires in the field of agriculture and forestry through ATG
  6. Improvements in CSR procurement and the environmental technologies of suppliers in the MB business
  7. Project for considering infrastructure for a hydrogen-based society that has adopted highly durable conveyor belt for a reconstruction project in Rikuzentakata City
  8. Preservation of forests and protection of the ecological system by supporting planned agricultural management
  9. Recycling of water during production, effective use of groundwater, etc.
  10. Introduction of cogeneration systems and renewable energy, spread of environmentally friendly products
  11. Reduction of greenhouse gases through 10 above
  12. Use of heat from waste tires, achieving zero emissions at plants, promotion of retread tires, development of more highly durable products
  13. Prevention of marine pollution through marine hose development and improvements