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Control the Heat,Raise the Performance.

  • Handling HighGrip HighSpeed Dry Asymmetric
  • orange oil SPEED RANGE W/V
  • - Outstanding grip in dry conditions
  • - Superior handling control and cornering capabilities
MS compound 2R

Lives on in the spirit of YOKOHAMA sports tires.Sustaining a powerful grip using newly developed “MS (Micro Silica) compound 2R.”

Improved dry grip
Increases carbon in the compound
Ensured wet grip
Compound Micro Silica
Realizes great rigidity and improved resistance to wear
Macromolecule Blended Polymer

(A)MS Compoud 2R  (B)Image

An evolution in wet grip

Evolutions in tread pattern and tire compounding deliver improved wet performance under a wide variety of conditions.

Sequential round grooves
Forces from the road surface are spread and dissipated by the round grooves to improve the mileage. The positioning of the grooves is also effective in draining water on wet surfaces
Uniblok Shoulders
Using circumferentially continuous single shoulder blocks without any gaps, rigidity at the tread is increased, ensuring a powerful grip and further shortening lap times.

  • (A)Uniblok shoulders
  • (B)Sequential round grooves
Driver’s impression of ADVAN NEOVA AD08R
Racing Driver Manabu Orido

Racing Driver Manabu Orido

These are very exciting tires!

I drove in a test of AD08R tires that were under development. It felt like the tires were just sucking tight to the road surface. The tires gave an easy ride, and gave me very positive control. Even on switchbacks, the tires felt like they had a superb hold on the road. The current AD08 tires are great, don’t get me wrong, but these new ones seem to give me a better feeling of grip and the overall total sense is one of complete control. These are just right. Very exciting tires. They’ve got all the good features of the current ones but take tires performance a full step further on. AD08R tires are great!

Racing Driver Nobuteru Taniguchi

Racing Driver Nobuteru Taniguchi

Corners are fun to take, even on public roads!

The AD08R’s level of grip tenacity is higher by far.First, on the straightaway, you can feel the tires gripping the road through the steering wheel. And when you’re going into a corner, weight moves to the rear and the front end gets lighter. But with a very good grip. I get that secure feeling that “She’ll make it through the corner.” The biggest advantage is the tremendous control you have right at the critical speed. When you go into a corner at too high a speed, the car still maintains its posture, and you can adjust for the corner. That kind of tire means a lot to me. You can look forward to something extraordinary in these tires.