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Formulating the Medium-term Management Plan YX2023 and Caring for the Future Risks and Opportunities Presented by Yokohama Rubber’s Sustainability-focused Management Vision for FY 2023 Value chain initiatives Determining Important Issues Governance System CSR and Environmental Management Risk Management Compliance Economic Performance Taxation transparency Data summary(1.7MB)

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Customer Health and Safety Marketing and Labeling Customer Privacy Data summary(1.7MB) Materials Energy Water and Effluents Biodiversity Effluent and waste Emissions Products and Services Data summary(1.7MB) Child Labor Forced or Compulsory Labor Data summary(1.7MB) Occupational Health and Safety Training and Education (Human Resource Development) Diversity and Equal Opportunities Data summary(1.7MB) Supplier Environmental Assessment Supplier Social Assessment Data summary(1.7MB) Local Communities Market Presence Data summary(1.7MB) Third-party Opinion Editorial Policy for CSR Website PDF Downloads /Previous Reports