The Forever Forest How far has it spread?


The number of trees planted at our production and sales-related bases as Forever Forest tree plantings.


The number of people who have participated in tree-planting events through the end of fiscal 2020. Includes employees and their families, local residents, and more.


The number of different tree species for which saplings have been planted at locations within Japan. There are different mixes of species in different places since saplings are selected to match the environment of the land at each location. The largest number of species planted together in one location is 68. The Forever Forest Activity is characterized by shorter trees mixed in with tall trees such as Castanopsis sieboldii, Machilus thunbergii, and Quercus myrsinifolia.


The total number of branches that have planted trees through the end of fiscal 2020 (14 branches in Japan, 21 overseas). Beyond manufacturing sites, this number also includes group companies, tire evaluation sites, and more.


The number of different bird species that have been observed at the Hiratsuka Factory through the end of fiscal 2020.


Total saplings provided for external organizations.
The number of saplings provided for free through the end of fiscal 2020 to external organizations that also use the Miyawaki Method. These include public organizations such as countries, prefectures, municipalities, elementary schools, and welfare institutions, in addition to other companies. A list of these organizations can be seen here.