What does the project aim to accomplish?

With goals of "Developing participants' environmental awareness", "Disaster prevention, and forming environmental conservation forests", "Helping Decelerate Global Warming", "Preserving Biodiversity", and "Communicating with Regional Communities," this project is about more than just planting trees. We are working on this as "Reclamation of the green environment that protects life" for the global environment and for regional communities.

Developing participants' environmental awareness

Participants in this project do everything on their own, from germinating seedlings to tree-planting, and then nurturing the forest. The "realizations" that participants gain help develop their environmental awareness.

Disaster prevention, and forming environmental conservation forests

Since the broad-leaved evergreen trees which are selected for panting are not easily blown over by typhoons, and are also fire-resistant, they minimize damage from disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, and fires. Their forests can also serve as evacuation areas for local residents. The expertise built through this Yokohama Forever Forest Activities has been utilized in building the "forest seawall" (planting trees for the "Heisei Forest no Mori" in the town of Otsuchi) to protect against tsunamis, beginning in 2012.

Helping Decelerate Global Warming

Our company’s production sites around the world plant forests of trees indigenous to the locale that absorb and store CO2, helping to decelerate global warming.

Preserving Biodiversity

For the Forever Forest over 50 varieties of trees are planted at some locations , based on the types of trees normally found in that particular soil. This not only improves biodiversity in and of itself but also nurtures rich biodiversity by providing natural habitats for birds, insects, and other life forms.