How are you measuring the effects that the tree plantings have?

Quantities of absorbed and stored CO2 are being monitored at the Hiratsuka Factory, in addition to observation of bird populations. Trees absorb CO2 from the air into cell walls, etc. It is known that the amount of CO2 absorbed by a tree can be estimated by measuring a tree’s diameter and height. Measurements of the diameter and height of trees have been taken on a regular basis since April 2009 for monitoring the accumulated amount of CO2.
Carbon assimilation by the YOKOHAMA Group as a whole was estimated based on the results of the most recent Hiratsuka Factory growth survey (growth and survival rates of planted trees).
According to this estimate by The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. (YRC), approximately 1,576 tons of carbon dioxide had been assimilated by the end of fiscal 2021 through the YOKOHAMA Forever Forest Activities.
Additionally, there are "Birdwatching Club" gatherings held each month, at which employees come together on a voluntary basis to observe birds from the standpoint of conservation of biodiversity. The "Komatan" birdwatching club of Hiratsuka and Oiso provides the guidance for these monthly gatherings. Employees and locals continue to enjoy observing the now 60 different species of wild birds were recorded in 2021 (from 12 species in September 2008, when we started birding, to 55 species of wild birds were recorded as of the end of fiscal 2017) that make appearances here.
Due to the spread of COVID-19, the survey is currently conducted only at the secretariat (as of August 2022).

Carbon assimilation in Forever Forest Activities