Message from the President

President and Representative Member of the Board Masataka Yamaishi

Realizing “Business Creation” and “Business Maintenance” simultaneously, and contributing to the creation of a new-generation society

President and Representative
Member of the Board

Masataka Yamaishi

Implementing our Grand Design 2020 (GD2020) medium-term management plan

In fiscal 2018, the Yokohama Rubber Group launched our Grand Design 2020 (GD2020) three-year medium-term management plan. GD2020 is intended to strengthen our managerial foundations through appropriate growth strategies for each individual business, in preparation for achieving even faster growth during the rapidly approaching 2020s.
When thinking about management strategy, one cannot ignore CSR. We will be working proactively to implement CSR initiatives based around our CSR slogan: “Caring for the Future.”
At Yokohama Rubber, we aim to contribute to the enrichment of society and of the planet as a whole through the Yokohama Rubber Group’s business activities by working closely together with all of our stakeholders, including our business partners and local communities. To this end, we are working to win stakeholders’ unwavering trust by implementing measures in relation to social justice, new value creation and business expansion, ensuring that our operations are in harmony with the global environment, building a corporate environment in which employees encourage each other to grow and develop, and in which individuals are valued, and the further strengthening of our already close ties with local communities.

The changing social environment and the steps we need to take

In recent years, the social environment has been changing throughout the world, and there has been a dramatic transformation of the environment in which our company operates. Today, more than ever, there is a need for action directed at the realization of a sustainable society.
The international community has adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 17 Goals and 169 Targets that the world as a whole will be working together to achieve by 2030, as an initiative for realizing a sustainable world. Yokohama Rubber is also participating in the United Nations Global Compact (GC), and we are implementing various measures in relation to the GC through our business activities together with different stakeholders. As an example of one of these activities, in 2018 Yokohama Rubber formulated a Procurement Policy for the Sustainable Natural Rubber in collaboration with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). By sharing this policy with the entire supply chain, including natural rubber plantations and suppliers, we are working towards the realization of a society with sustainable natural rubber.
In addition, besides our continued provision of environmentally-friendly products to support the next-generation mobility society and its infrastructure, we are also continuing to provide support for NPOs and for areas that have been affected by natural disasters through the volunteering activities of our employees and through the YOKOHAMA Magokoro Fund, social contribution fund. Through the links that we have built with so many different people, and through the various measures that we are implementing, we aim to ensure that the individual companies and factories of the Yokohama Rubber Group come to be viewed as indispensable by their local communities.

Working together with Yokohama Rubber Group employees

Safety, Compliance and Quality are the key management fundamentals that underpin our business activities. In fiscal 2018, Yokohama Rubber once again experienced a number of occupational accidents and small-scale fires. Although the number of such accidents has been reduced over the past three years, we have not yet succeeded in reducing the incidence to zero. I have issued a number of messages to employees on this subject, and have engaged in dialog with the managers of individual units regarding safety issues on numerous occasions. I hope that, by getting every individual employee to take safety seriously as something that affects them personally, we can work together to realize the goal of completely eliminating occupational accidents.

The 14th company-wide safety and disaster prevention meeting (December 2018)

On taking up the position of President, I gave an address on the subject of “Business Creation and Business Maintenance.” “Business Creation” and “Business Maintenance” are both equally important, and unless we promote both of them simultaneously we cannot expect our company to survive in the marketplace. Internal improvements (Business Maintenance) and growth strategies (Business Creation) are linked to the addressing of problems relating to the sustainability of society, the environment, and the business enterprise itself. In order to continue to implement measures aimed at the realization of the post-carbon society and the achievement of the SDGs, it is vitally important that we continue to challenge ourselves on an ongoing basis by identifying areas for improvement in our work and in our daily lives, recognizing that we need to treat these issues as matters of personal concern, and working together with those around us to address them. As a company, we can take this to an even higher level by effectively utilizing the know-how that we have accumulated over the years to build workplaces characterized by enhanced mutual respect and by diversified human talent helping one another to maximize their potential. We can then go on to build new business models that contribute towards improving next-generation lifestyles, business, and the social environment as a whole.

Relationship between SDGs and Caring for the Future

Corporate Governance

Lay a solid foundation for supporting sustainable business activity in accordance with international norms.
Conduct activities that contribute to governance, compliance, and business continuity.


Deliver products and services that help people enjoy fulfilling lives with peace of mind.

The Earth

Address environmental concerns through our operations and help leave a sound natural environment to future generations.


Nurture values accommodating diversity in the workplace and in the community at large.


Earn the confidence of neighbors through robust community engagement.