CSR Slogan “Caring for the Future”

CSR Slogan

Caring for the Future

CSR Management Vision (Launched 2008)

To build a trusted identity as a contributing member of the global community.

CSR Action Guidelines

  • Identify continually changing social trends.
  • Ascertain the items that can contribute.
  • Act swiftly to earn affirm trust.
  • Practice CSR in one’s own work.

Yokohama Rubber Group Action Guideline

  1. We shall respect human right Inside and outside the company
  2. We shall create workplaces that are safe and healthy
  3. We shall We shall harmonize our activities with the global environment
  4. We shall provide safe and high-quality products and services
  5. We shall conduct corporate activities with a high transparency and practice proper disclosure of information
  6. We shall observe not only laws and regulations but also social norms
  7. We shall aspire to harmony and prosperity with local communities

Yokohama Rubber Group Action Guidelines (the entire document)