Formulating the Medium-term Management Plan YX2023 and Caring for the Future

Yokohama Rubber is committed to enriching both the earth and society through its medium-term management plan, Yokohama Transformation 2023 (YX2023).

Social Change and Challenges

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Business Environment Society The Environment Corporate Governance
  • Decrease in the number of privately owned vehicles and increase in the number of infrastructure-related vehicles due to the expansion of CASE and MaaS
  • Distribution using electric vehicles and automation
  • Intensifying price competition for tires
  • Improvement of occupational health and safety and prevention of infectious diseases
  • Changing values with regard to work styles
  • Prevention of complicity in child and forced labor in the company and suppliers
  • Social impacts on suppliers
  • Climate change problems
  • Changes in/impact on the natural environment by our production bases and suppliers
  • Dependence on natural resources
  • Switch from fossil resources to sustainable resources
  • Maintenance and strengthening of foundation for proper organizational governance
  • Demanding effectiveness and diversity within the board of directors and organization

Medium-term Management Plan YX2023

Exploitation and Exploration

Implement a growth strategy for the next generation based on two approaches: "Exploration" of existing businesses and "Exploitation" in response to changes in the market.

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Consumer Tires

  • Raise high value-added tire sales ratio
  • Strengthen core products and brands by leveraging original technologies and superior quality
  • Promoting product and regional business strategies

Commercial Tires

  • Strengthening cost competitiveness and our system of services
  • Promoting Digital Transformation (DX)
    • Formulating Yokohama Sensor Tire Technology, etc.
  • Developing a full line of products to reform distribution
  • Integrating off-highway tire business and multi-brand strategy
  • Strengthening the foundation for growth in our truck and bus tire business

Multiple Business

  • Shift Portfolio to Products with Highly Stable Earnings and Strong Growth Potential
    • Hydraulic hoses: strengthen market presence
    • Car pipes: New growth-driving technologies (response to CASE)
    • Strengthen efforts toward hydrogen society (hydrogen filling hose)
    • Belts: Establish dominant presence in core-strength markets
    • Marine products: Maintain high market share & strengthen production bases

The Earth

  • Continue to supply 100% of environmentally friendly products
  • Carbon neutrality initiatives
  • Circular economy initiatives
    • Renewable/recycled raw materials: 30% or more by 2030
  • Sustainable natural rubber procurement
  • Carbon-positive initiatives: 1.3 million trees to be planted by 2030 through Yokohama Forever Forest


  • Human resource measures to enhance both management and managers
  • Create an environment where everyone can maximize their abilities
  • Promote diversity
  • Creating a safe and secure workplace


  • Promote procurement in accordance with the CSR Procurement Guidelines
  • Contribution to the local community through COVID-19 measures
  • Support for disaster area
  • Helping to resolve difficult issues through the YOKOHAMA Magokoro Fund

Corporate Governance

  • Global governance
    • Strengthen global management
    • Expand our whistleblower system to overseas sites

Financial Targets for FY2023

Sales revenue 700 billion yen
Business profits 70 billion yen
Business profit margin 10%
D/E ratio 0.4x
ROE 10%
Operating CF 250 billion yen (3-year cumulative total)
Capital investments Not exceeding depreciation and amortization (excludes strategic investments)

Social value created

・Delivering fun and peace of mind through driving

・Make life more fulfilling for people everywhere

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