Promotion of Yokohama Rubber’s CSR & Sustainability

In April 2006, Yokohama Rubber launched the medium-term management plan, Grand Design 100 (GD100). The plan sets forth three basic policies: “Deliver the best products at competitive prices and on time, ““Assert world-class strengths in technologies for protecting the environment,” and “Foster a customer-oriented corporate culture that honors rigorous standards of corporate ethics.” and promote management with an emphasis on CSR.
In 2008, Yokohama Rubber developed the CSR Management Vision and CSR Action Guidelines to promote CSR and sustainability management, and established the CSR Div. as the responsible division, as well as the CSR and Environmental Promotion Council (currently the CSR Council) chaired by the President, Chairman of the Board, to oversee CSR management.
In 2014, based on the four areas and 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact* and other international norms, we established the Yokohama Rubber Group Action Guideline, identified themes that have a significant impact on or are of high interest to both Yokohama and its stakeholders as material issues and iterated on the PDCA cycle while making continuous improvements to achieve those goals.
In 2017, our 100th anniversary, we developed a CSR slogan, and have been aiming to achieve sustainable growth over the next 100 years in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through our business activities.

  • The United Nations Global Compact is the world’s largest sustainability initiative in which the UN and private sector join forces to build a healthy global society and requires participating companies to put into practice the Ten Principles in the four areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.


FY2006 FY2008 FY2014 FY2017
  • Medium-term management plan "GD100" started.
  • Establishment of the GD100 Basic Environmental Policy
  • Established "GD100" Action Guidelines for the environment.
  • Establishment of CSR Management Vision
  • Establishment of CSR Action Guidelines
  • CSR Division established
  • CSR & Environment Council established
    (Current CSR Council)
  • Establishment of Yokohama Rubber Group Action Guidelines
  • Identification of materiality
    (Important Issues)
  • Establishment of CSR Slogan

CSR Management Vision CSR Action Guidelines Yokohama Rubber Group Action Guideline CSR Slogan