Symbiosis and connection

Passion for creating value extends beyond manufacturing to various fields

The Yokohama Rubber passion for taking up the challenge of creating new value is not limited to our manufacturing activities but also can be seen in our activities in various other areas.
This passion reflects our belief that the true value of Yokohama Rubber can best be demonstrated when individuals and society as a whole are bright and energetic. We also believe that if our activities contribute even a little to a brighter future for society, we will fulfill our basic philosophy: "To enrich people’s lives and contribute to their greater happiness and well-being by devoting our wholehearted energies and advanced technology to the creation of beneficial products.”
To contribute to a future of continued happiness and abundance around the world, Yokohama Rubber will be active enthusiastically and passionately in various fields around the globe.

Caring for the future / Yokohama Rubber's Sustainability

YOKOHAMA Magokoro Fund

This fund is supported by donations from its members?Yokohama Rubber employees who make voluntarily donations from their monthly salaries in units of \100. The fund's accumulated assets are donated to NPOs, NGOs, and other organizations engaged in environmental conservation activities and the protection of human rights. The fund also donates to relief and recovery efforts after major disasters. The Company also donates to the fund by matching the donations made by its employees.

Supporting the healthy development of young people

Yokohama Rubber’s Sustainability activities also include supporting the healthy development of young people by supporting events and programs such as the World Children’s Baseball Fair, the ASEAN Baseball Project held by Japanese Gold Player’s Club, and the FC Harlem soccer club in New York City.