Our Story

We are YOKOHAMA, and this is who we are!

Yokohama Rubber was founded in 1917, so we celebrated our 100th anniversary in 2017.
Over the past century, we have accumulated the technologies that have led to the creation of numerous high-performance tires.

Our roots are in Yokohama, but our head office today is in the center of Japan, Tokyo.

We are a major listed company, traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and included in the core Nikkei 225 Stock Average index.

Our hometown of Yokohama is one of the oldest major ports in Japan and has long been an entry point for goods, information, culture and fashion form around the world.

We now do business with more than 120 countries and employ about 25,000 people around the globe.

We manufacture and sell tires for every vehicle category, from compact cars to sports cars, high-powered sedans, and large construction equipment.

Our tires undergo thorough testing on our own test tracks in Japan, Thailand and Sweden, as well as in test facilities in Spain and the United States.

And we have developed original equipment tires for many of the world’s leading car makers.

We have further honed our technologies by developing tires used in motor sports and as original equipment on high-performance cars. We pride ourselves on being a maker of tires that enhance the vehicle’s maneuverability.

Envisioning a bright future for car societies, we are enthusiastically participating in electric vehicle racing competitions.

In 2014, we developed the world’s first simulation technology for visualizing the noise created by spinning tires. This breakthrough was achieved through use of our advanced simulation technologies.

We have also been a technology adviser to the developer of the Gran Turismo 6 auto racing video game, helping create a more realistic experience by providing data on tire behavior and performance accumulated over our many years as an active participant in motor sports.

We are now applying our expertise in aerodynamics toward a new approach to tire design that seeks to reduce not just the tire’s air resistance but the entire vehicle’s air resistance.

We also have a test center at Germany's Nurburgring, home to major auto racing events that is also used as an evaluation course by European car makers seeking to enhance their vehicles' performance.

By participating in a wide variety of motor sports, we have accumulated know-how on tire performance in every car and racing category.

We are particularly proud of our flagship brand, “ADVAN”.

Applying our wide range of superior technologies to fields other than tire manufacturing, we also make a wide variety of other superior products, from golf clubs to aircraft equipment, industrial equipment, and construction materials.


  • Beyond the 100 years
  • Our headquarters are in TOKYO
  • Tyres for more than 120 countries from Japan
  • For various types of vehicles
  • Tyres designed specifically for many kinds of car manufacturers
  • Dynamic performance like a wild animal
  • Simulation technology
  • We have a test center in Nurburgring